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Why should I choose a Wing® Saddle Pad over a regular Saddle Pad?


Scientifically proven: “Significant” Pressure tests prove the HRP Pressure Reducing WING® Saddle Pad exerts NO pressure on the horse behind the saddle, over the lumbar spinous processes and significantly less mean pressure in all gaits when compared to conventional saddle pads. Conventional Saddle Pads produce some pressure, causing rubbing and sores on the horses back. The HRP WING® Saddle Pad has eliminated these problems through its innovative design and to add, there are different designs for each equestrian discipline, all with a striking visual appearance.

We have won the BETA Innovation Awards 2016, Saddlery and tack.

We want to extend a huge thank-you to everyone who believed in Wing® Saddle Pads; our invention. BETA International is a fantastic event and there were incredible products in our category. We are excited to see Wing® Saddle Pads in tack shops in 2016.

Top Equine Scientific Researchers prove No Pressure with Wings®

White Luxury GP Dual Square Wings Saddle Pad with HRP logo

“The results showed that there was no pressure at all behind the saddle over the lumbar spine during trot and canter using the ‘Wing’ saddle pad. It was fantastic to see the product win such a major award and the study we conducted recognised as important in providing more scientific evidence that this new design can reduce pressure on a horse’s back."

Victoria Lewis.Hartpury Researcher

“Many horses can suffer rubbing over the spine due to saddle pads, leading to hair loss, hair discolouration, increased sensitivity and infection and a saddle pad that eliminates rubbing caused by pressure in this area could prove very popular.”

Dr David Marlin
HRP WING saddle pad award winning collection

The Wing® Collection

We have a range of Wing® Saddle Pads in our collection. They are all proven to exert NO pressure on the the horses back. Two of the Saddle Pads are Beta International 2016 Winners.

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The Science

Read our scientific report on the Wing® Saddle Pads here ›

NO pressure*

Proven to exert no pressure* on the horses back

Award Winner

Beta International 2016 Saddlery & Tack Winner

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Revolutionary in design, first ever Wing® Saddle Pads

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For a great price you can enhance your horses overall performance

*on the horse behind the saddle, over the lumbar spinous processes.