HRP Testimonials

“After riding in the HRP winged saddle pad for 2 weeks I felt Anna’s movement was looser, more supple and swinging more from behind with more power coming through, especially in the lateral work. Anna is naturally a tense horse so to feel the difference from just changing my saddle pad was fantastic. I also loved the fact there were no rub marks on her back as the pad allows air to get through. The neoprene patches where the girth straps go and my leg sits are a great idea as it means no more black stains.
I would highly recommend these pads!!!!”

Lucy Nazer, Dressage trainer, UK 

“I had a particular horse with quite a curved back, when we made the saddle to fit the horse the numnah began to slide backwards – previously the saddle had always moved backwards. Due to the horse’s high wither the numnah was being pulled tight onto the wither, bridging and then sliding down. The owner had tried numerous numnah’s including anti slip ones – I then suggested a HRP Dressage Dual Wing saddle pad. Because of the split at the back of the saddle pad and the curved design of the binding along the spine the pad was able to stay up in the gullet of the saddle and still. The numnah is great quality with a fantastic technical fabric material on the underneath side. I would highly recommend them to any rider.”

Helen Dunning Childeric Saddles. UK 

“Having a difficult to fit horse, I purchased a Childeric saddle only to find that now my saddle fits and didn’t move – my saddle pads would not stay put and were causing my horse discomfort. After some experimenting and discussion with Childeric we tried an HRP dual wing saddle pad. The difference was instantaneous the saddle pad did not move at all and there was no pressure on my horses back. I will only be using HRP saddle pads in the future.”

Angela Hartas Patterson. UK 

“Dear HRP, Badger is significantly looser in his back with reduced tension after working in his HRP Equestrian jump pro (WINGS) saddle cloth. A unique product that we are proud to train and compete in. Thermography results showing a real difference too in his thoracic and lumbar regions.”

Northampton University lecturer Harriet Philippa Martin. UK 

“Archie and I trailed the new HRP Equestrian winged saddle cloth at Hartpury yesterday. I can honestly say that Archie felt great, his lateral work especially felt suddenly loads easier and he was able to move through his body with more power and energy. The results speak for themselves! David Marlin is the trusted genius behind the research for this innovative new product…. Happy athletes!! :-)”

Hannah Biggs Dressage rider. UK

“Wing saddle pads have a Technical fabric combined with a scientifically proven, contoured & unique wing design, which results in a saddle pad that I thoroughly recommend to all riders in any discipline. My customers ask my opinion on tack when buying a saddle, I recommend Wing saddle pads, in my opinion wing saddle pads are the best choice under their saddle.”

Bill Perratt Master Saddler. UK

“Just to let you know that we used your numnahs on Buccaneer Bay in the Open Novice class at Clyda horse Trials yesterday. He did by far the best dressage test that he has done so far, jumped a super clear round over a very big showjumping track and had a clear round cross country. He won the class by 14 points. We also used them on Pirates Rock in the EI100 on his first day out this season who was only headed in the dressage by three horses that are consistently winning classes between them on a regular basis and who have all qualified for the Future Event Horse Finals at Dublin Horse Show. He too jumped clear in both showjumping and CrossCountry. We found a considerable improvement in both horses.”

Eamon Holden, Eventer. Ireland.

”I’m proud to be associated with such a prestigious brand which offers high quality products at a competitive rate. HRP Equestrian are always thinking outside the box and introducing a line of products which are different and unique! Stand out from the rest of the crowd. Step into the next generation of Riding clothing, horse wear and equestrian products.”
“The reason why I use HRP equestrian wing saddle pads is because of the technology behind their special design. They are made to relieve pressure behind the cantle area of the saddle, and with their sleek design they aid cooling so that the muscles underneath the saddle allow to breathe and overall under so much less stress. For me the horses back is the holy Grail and the core of all of their exercise that they do. No back, No horse! So for me it’s so important that the horses I ride feel good right through their top line which is why I choose to use HRP Equestrian Wing Saddle Pads”.

Stephen Hayes, Dressage Rider International